Sustainable Wool
by Studio of Fashion Design, UMPRUM and PhD. Linda Havrlíková.
Project is presenting current situation in sheep wool market in Czech Republic, where most of small farmers are struggling to sell and profit from their production. Majority of wool-working industry is in hands of foreign companies, using mainly the Australian merino wool. Linda Havrlíková and other small producers are searching for the way how to put Czech (and European) wool breeds back to business.
Note: Due to license issues in department of Fashion is video temporarily unpublished. Use a link sent with email.
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The video aesthetics is inspired by contrast between pure, white, natural wool thread and modern materials like concrete or black plastic bags. This colour palette is used during photo shooting of models by students of the Fashion Design studio (Prague Academy of Art, Architecture and Design) created from 100% wool fabric. The fabric is designed by Linda Havrlíková, UMPRUM Doctoral student and produced by weaving company Kubák Strmilov. Shooting took place in Mikulandská, AAAD Prague.
Jewellery Product Video
For studio K.O.V. Martin Verner, Adéla Doušová, Magdalena Vojteková and others.
Presented on Designblok & Designweek show, 
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Studio of Liběna Rochová
Fashion show editing since 2020, presented at festival Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU), Japan

Executive producers: Štěpánka Stein a Vojtěch Novotný 
Direction: Amálie Kovářová 
Camera: Antoan Pepelanov 
Music: Oozlum
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Interviews, documentary and PR promotion of Academy of Art Architecture and Design in Prague since 2016.
Promoting of young Czech designers working in jewellery, architecture, product design, fashion, graphic design etc. Documentation of academic life through the underground workshops, canteen and graduation ceremony.
Typography promotion
Jaroslav Benda&Manual of Diacritics
Long term collaboration with type studio Briefcase. During past years we were promoting two books - historical research about Jaroslav Benda made by Petra Dočekalová, and Manual of Diacritics by Radek Sidun.
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