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Visual identity in motion
(Planetum - new platform of Prague Planetarium and Observatory)

Graphic icons in motion
(Original visual identity by studio Kitchen)

Centre of Technology UMPRUM
What is it like to move a workshop after 100 years of service?

Manual of Diacritic, video promoting for typography book by Radek Sidun

Jan Poupě - Solaris
Video invitation to an exhibition
3D transfer of paintings - Michal Slusar
sound, postproduction - Eliška Vojtková
typeface - Jan Novák

Obstacles / Překážky
There are many things that can prevent you working...and the best you can do is to complain to your friend!
Je hodně věcí, které vám můžou bránit v práci...a to nejlepší, co můžete udělat je postěžovat si ostatním!
/subtitles for Polish, Algerian, Arabic, Hungarian, Czech/

Tour de Budapest / Time collecting video
Music: Stringtronic / Mindbender, 1976

Trust pixels
"Film trick" topic - school cycle short film
Moving picture has a strong influence to the audience - blissful, pleasant moods can be changed to aggressive and annoying feelings very quickly. But in reality, there is nothing on the screen besides flashing and shimmering colour what's the trick?